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Q: I have just received an offer letter for a property, can I get a loan?

A: Yes, but only if you meet the requirements. Please see any of our Business Development Officers/Customer Service Officers or your account officer for more details.



Q: I want to start a business, can Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank assist me with a mortgage loan?

A: No. Mortgages are for Real Estate/Property only. If you wish to start or expand your business, please see either your Account Officer or any member of our Business Development Team (at any of our branches) who will be pleased to offer advice appropriate Infinity Banking products.



Q: I am unable to come to your head office as I live out of town. Do you have direct phone lines?

A: Yes. If you have any enquiries regarding mortgages please contact our Customer Service Officers (at any ITMB PLC branch - please ask for information for a branch closest to you) or call any of the following numbers: 09087121684, 09087121685, 09087121686, 09087121687, 09087121690, and 09087121698 If you have any other enquiries regarding our services you could visit our website www.infinitytrustmortgagebank.com, call our Info line (09087121713) or mail info@itmbplc.com

Q: I will like to pay off part of or reduce my mortgage loan, can I do this?

A: Yes.

This is referred to as ‘Part Liquidation’.

To do this, you should first deposit the amount you wish to pay into your loan account. Then request for a ‘Part Liquidation Form’ from any of our Customer Service Officers who will be pleased to give you further information on processing your payment (including the attendant charges). Once the “Part Liquidation’’ is done, you can collect your new repayment plan from your branch within 48hours of submitting your request. Alternatively contact your Account Officer to process this on your behalf.



Q: What type of mortgages are available at Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank?

A: 1. Infinity Mortgage Finance Scheme (IMFS) - a mortgage fully funded by the bank with appealing interest rates.
2. National Housing Funds Scheme (NHFS) - a mortgage fully funded by FBMN.
3. Infinity Bridging Mortgage Finance (IBMF) - a hybrid of IMFS and NHFS.
4. Infinity Homes - Ownership Investment Solution (I-HOISt)



Q: May I get a loan to renovate my house?

A: Yes. Please contact our staff in the Business Development Unit (at any ITMB PLC Branch).


Q: What is Infinity Corporate Account?

A: The Infinity Corporate Account allows sole proprietorship; private and public limited liability companies, NGOs and Religious organisations transact business and deposit funds in a secure and conducive banking environment.



Q: What information is needed to open a Corporate Account?

A: Please view the Corporate Account Opening check list.



Q: How do I open a business/corporate account?

A: You can open a business account by visiting any one of our branches locations or online.



Q: How do I add another signatory to my corporate account?

A: To add another signatory, customer must write the bank indicating this interest, thus a new mandate card must be obtained and completed with all the signatories (both new and existing) sign on.


Q: How do I open an account?

A: You can open an account by visiting any one of our branches locations or online.



Q: What information is needed to open an account?

A: Please view the Account Opening check lists



Q: Will an ATM debit card come with my account?

A: It depends. You can get an ATM card upon request in the account opening package



Q: What is the minimum balance required to open an account?

A: It depends on the account.



Q: What happens if my ATM card is lost or stolen?

A: Please contact us immediately to report a lost or stolen ATM card or visit any of our branches. You can order a replacement card at the same time.



Q: How do I check my account status and other account information?

A: You can check your account balance and other information online (Internet Banking), mobile phones (SMS Banking), using your card on any ATM machines or at any of our branches near you.


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